The ingredients are at the center of Pujol's cuisine, in that sense the relationship with them is fundamental. Pujol has privileged the relationship with growers who are conscious of their impact on the environment, who work with respect towards the soil. The result of this care is high quality ingredients whose flavors are enhanced in the kitchen.

Most of the ingredients are local, Pujol works for example with Gaia, a network of farmers who cultivate under the principles of regenerative agriculture in Valle de Bravo, this means that the land is cared for and nurtured considering the wear in cultivating it. We source from producers who have set aside the use of agrochemicals, such as Erika Hernandez in Veracruz, or Sembradora in Tepozotlán: responsible practices have a positive impact not only on the quality of the food but also on the soil and the quality of life of the people who cultivate the land.  

The seafood comes from Veracruz and Baja California, some of the herbs we use come from urban gardens in the city, like Huerto Tlateloco, we work with heirloom corn that is cultivated in different regions of Oaxaca.  

These are just a few examples but the list is long, to learn more about the stories of the restaurant's suppliers we recommend reading VEINTE, chef Enrique Olvera's most recent book, dedicated to the producers.