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Bo Bech

Without straying from the erudition and method that defines haute cuisine, Bo Bech also brings easygoing humor and signature grace to his work, alongside a spirit that feels truly free. His dishes—prepared in plain sight of diners at his fun, buzzy restaurant—mix local-sourced vegetarian elements with tried and true Scandinavian seafood. Bech—and the city of Geist—have become the drivers of a wholly new gastronomic approach, locally and globally, in recipes whose apparent simplicity surprises diners with something that is far more complex at heart. With minimal ingredients, Bech presents perfectly achieved, exquisite dishes.
Daniel Patterson

In 1994, at age 25, chef and food writer Patterson, originally from Massachusetts, opened his first restaurant, Babette’s, in Sonoma. In 2000 he opened Elisabeth Daniel in San Francisco. It was named Best New Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation in 2001.
Patterson currently operates four venues: Coi (2006) and Alta CA (2013) in San Francisco, as well as Plum and Plum Bar (2010) and Haven (2011) in Oakland. At Coi—the recipient of two Michelin stars—Patterson mixes avant-garde culinary technique with local ingredients to create dishes that speak of place, memory and emotion. His proposal has burnished his reputation the world over as a pioneer in New California Cuisine.
Isaac McHale

Alongside James Lowe and Ben Greeno, Scottish chef Isaac McHale formed the Young Turks Collective in 2010 as a way to create a platform for promoting British food and working with like-minded professionals.
Following that experience, as well as work at Ledbury, McHale opened Clove Club in 2013, in conjunction with chefs Daniel Willis and Johnny Smith, in London’s Shoreditch Town Hall district. The restaurant presents a five-course menu of contemporary Britannic cuisine—where, more than just an accompaniment, greens play a predominating role—prepared in an open kitchen and in sight of every guest. This is superior food, free from pretension, created from local, seasonal ingredients and by a team of innovative chefs that love the great food of Great Britain.
Magnus Ek

Ek is one of Sweden’s most influential chefs, whose cuisine is a means of expressing the land that nurtures it, in minimalist iterations that call up pure flavor that draws on all four regional seasons. Similarly, Ek never concludes his search for new—or forgotten—ingredients, and delights diners’ perceptions vis-à-vis dazzling presentations. He was at the helm of Oaxen Skärgårdskrog (on Oaxen Island) from 1994 to 2011 and the restaurant figured on the world’s fifty best restaurant list at the time
The renowned Swedish restaurant guide The White Guide listed Oaxen Skärgårdskrog as the nation’s best restaurant in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2011.
Carlo Mirarchi

Mirarchi is considered one of the US’s best young chefs. In collaboration with Brandon Hoy, Chris Parachini and Gabe Rosner, he opened Roberta’s, in Brooklyn, in 2008. It’s a modest space famed for pizzas and an incredible ingredient selection, and Mirarchi received Food & Wine magazine’s “Best New Chef” award in 2011.
Mirarchi also runs boutique restaurant Blanca, whose limited tables (maximum twelve per seating) allow him to personalize every diner’s experience at the same time his teams enjoy the opportunity of working creatively beside a master.
Christopher Kostow

Originally from Chicago, Kostow received a degree in philosophy before heading into the kitchen. Taking his orders from Chef Trey Foshee at Georges on the Cove (San Diego), Kostow went from shucking oysters to designing signature dishes. Later he traveled to France where he worked everywhere from Parisian bistros to Montpellier’s award-winning Le Jardin des Sens. Back stateside, he served as Sous Chef at Daniel Humm in San Francisco; then moved on to an important assignment at Chez TJ en Mountain View, California, where he received two Michelin stars and a place on the coveted Food & Wine “Ten Dishes of the Year” list in 2007.
When he reached Meadowood in February 2008, Kostow held on to those two Michelin stars, was nominated as Best Chef in the Pacific by the James Beard Society, and was named one of the best in Food & Wine’s 2009 New Chefs edition. In February 2010, the San Francisco Chronicle awarded Kostow four stars; the Guide Michelin later upped its rating to three. He retained a three-star rating in the 2012 San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country Restaurant Guide’s 2012 edition and was named “Best Chef: West” by the James Beard Foundation in 2013. Kostow is only the second US-born and third youngest chef to have received three Michelin stars.
Frank Castronovo y Frank Falcinelli

After eighteen years during which they lost track of one another, a fortunate accident brought them back together for good. After catching up, that November 2003 reunion was enough to convince them there were more reasons to forge a path together than apart—and the more it had to do with food, the better. Shared interests led to the creation of Frankies Spuntino, the restaurant where they made good on learnings and philosophies at the same time they mixed up different ways of seeing—and eating—life. Their Queens kitchen offers experiences all’italiana by placing traditional flavors into a framework of modern cooking, where fresh, healthy and local ingredients are promoted through a close, fair-trade relationship to producers, butchers, artisans and farmers. Later—with the hardcore carnivore in mind—they opened Prime Meats (among other venues) as part of their overarching “farm-to-table” philosophy.

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